About us

UAB „Contract Pharma Solutions“ was established in 2014 in the middle of Lithuania, in the second largest city Kaunas. The company is located in Aleksotas area, which is rapidly expanding and attracting business people. We are a contract manufacturing company, this means that we produce the products you create. Our company is looking for the best results in all areas. We dedicate great attention to company management and quality systems. The quality system in the company is periodically updating, carefully analyzing innovation and opportunities. Continuously communicating with our customers, discussing all coarse issues, we strive for the best results. We are taking care of our customers and of course do not forget our employees, which are the driving force of the company. We have a wonderful team of professionals who have good communication skills, are precise, determined and responsible. Team communicating not only with customers, but also between themselves brings great results.

We a focusing on a Class I medical device manufacturing and packaging in accordance with the Quality Management System ISO 13485:2016 medical devices requirements. Also, the production of food supplements under the Good Manufacturing, Hygiene practice and customer requirements.

Our main goals are:
- to provide products and services that meet customer preferences and expectations;
- continuously increase production efficiency and volume;
- quick response to customer needs or requests;
- to maintain and develop a quality assurance system.

Justice, openness and mutual respect are at the basis of our partnership. Orientation to the customer together with a high level of service, is and always remains the main priority of the company.


Products are made in the ISO 8 class clean rooms, which size is 235 square meters. Manufacturing facilities are designed to avoid any cross contamination. The company focuses on product quality and safety, that's why there is performing work environment monitoring, during which temperature and relative humidity are folowing. There is also performing microbial contamination control. We have installed purified water system and Hepa filter. Also we use a modern production line, which is automated and adaptable for each product.

- Product Manufacturing
The production of the product begins with the various technological processes for which we can advise you. In our company production process is carried out in our clean rooms. The products can be mixed in 660 l and 100 l reactors. We mix all the necessary raw materials - we produce such quantity of product  as much as you need. If necessary, we can sterilize and filter produced product.

- Product Dosing
For product bottling are using dosing equipment, with a possible maximum speed of 45 pcs/min. The dosing speed depends on the consistency of the product, the size of the bottle, and other factors. Filled bottle in automated system is screwed with stopper device. If you have various questions about bottle size and design, we can help you.

- Labeling
During production, after the bottle is screwed, where is possible labeling of labels on the bottle. Labels can be marked with: serial number, date of manufacture and expiration date.

- Packaging
Packing in our company is carried out at a speed of 40-100 pcs/min. Speed factors are the size of the boxes and their quality. Boxes can be marked with: serial number, date of manufacture and expiration date. According to your requirements the finished product is packing in a group packaging and being prepared for transportation.